Great new LTE Opportunity in Newsday!

Print title: Candidates Face Inconvenient Truth: Election Polling Data Reveal Importance of Climate Change As a Political Issue

-Taking action to insure ourselves against the costs of climate damage is both conservative and smart
-This is the right time for Republicans to step up with free-market, conservative-endorsed climate solutions

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LTE Opportunities!

Please move quickly on the first one, a front page story in Newsday, since it’s already a few days old:

Newsday, 12/3:
Print title: 5 Plants Pulled

Possible talking points:
-Yes, market-based solutions are exactly what we need, both on the local and national scale
-LIPA plans to save ratepayers money by avoiding construction of fossil plants while shortlisting renewable projects like the offshore wind proposal; likely to work, since wind and solar are not impacted by volatile fuel prices
-LIPA is acting in best interest of customers not only in terms of rates but in helping to alleviate climate damage costs
-Carbon fee and dividend would make it more cost-effective both to avoid building new fossil fuel infrastructure, and to replace old fossil plants with clean power
Newsday, 12/6:
Print title: State Ends Solar Loan Program

-Success of this program shows demand for residential solar
-New income cutoff will prevent many middle-income Long Islanders from participating
-Carbon fee and dividend would make solar a more competitive and affordable option, by increasing families’ real income through rebates
NY Times, 12/6:

-We may not need a “hard” or even a “soft” agreement. U.S. legislation that includes a border adjustment could lead to global participation in carbon pricing without an official treaty.
-Upstream market solution applies to entire economy; more efficient than Obama’s proposed regulations, could allow for more ambitious commitment in Paris next year

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Call to action – time sensitive! Call your Rep and Senators today

Remember to call your Representative and Senators today and urge them to attend this week’s REMI briefings!

Senate: Nov. 19, 10 AM, in rm 428A of the Russell Senate Office Building

House: Nov. 20, 1:30 PM, in rm 340 of the Cannon House Office Building

Briefings will be led by study author Scott Nystrom.

Contact info:

Gillibrand: (202) 224-4451
Schumer: (202) 224-6542

Bishop: 202-225-3826
King: 202-225-7896
Israel: 202-225-3335
McCarthy: 202-225-5516

Other contact info here: AND

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LTE Opportunities in NY Times and Newsday!

NY Times story and op-ed by Sec. Kerry: US and China reach agreement on lower emissions targets

-Great step toward global agreement, aligns with UN recommendations for 2050 targets
-EPA regulations unpopular with Republicans, but revenue-neutral carbon tax could give them the tax reform they want, while cutting emissions more effectively and encouraging global participation on US terms

PSEG delays decision on renewable projects

-We don’t have time to waste! We need clean power now
-National carbon tax would make PSEG’s profit opportunities clear, yet still save customers money
-Time to replace the de facto carbon tax we already pay with one that pays us

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Letter to the Editor opportunity in NY Times

NY Times Op-ed re: politics and Keystone XL

Talking point: However you feel personally about the pipeline, a carbon tax would correct the market and guide future infrastructure decisions like Keystone

Remember, if we all write two Letters to the Editor per week, we have a good chance of beating our chapter and national goals!

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Two BIG LTE opportunities in NY Times and Newsday!

NY Times story on IPCC Synthesis Report is in print today:

Time is running out… we need an efficient, nonpartisan solution U.S. politicians can get behind and that will (through the border adjustment) obligate the world to follow!

Newsday has a print article titled UN Climate Report Warning (buried on p. A41 and apparently not available online).

-States “Emissions may need to drop to zero this century” but many scientists believe we have significantly less time than that
-Cites polls showing the American public has not reached the consensus that scientists have… this is meaningless, as believing or disbelieving a fact doesn’t make it more or less true
-Mentions “the tools are there” to change our energy system. The tools are also there to make it happen economically… you guessed it, a revenue-neutral carbon tax!

Happy writing, everyone! Remember, try to write two letters this week.

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Call to action on Letters to the Editor!

Call to action: We have 211 letters left to go nationally to hit 2000 LTEs in print for 2014! Our chapter needs approximately 11 more to meet our goal. Can you write two letters to the editor per week from now through the end of the year? If only ten CCLers did this, we would have 180 additional newspaper submissions being considered for publication by the end of 2014. Here are some items in today’s news to get you started!

The Missing Campus Climate Debate, in print Nov. 2

-Climate change is an economic crisis that demands an economic response
-Divestment may be the most prudent financial course, given the liability and stranded asset risks of the industry
-Divestment could build political will for enactment of more effective financial policies, like a revenue-neutral carbon tax

Coverage of the IPCC Synthesis Report
The NY Times ran an internet-only story early this morning on the IPCC report; Newsday printed a short advance story stating the report would come out today. Watch for updated print reports in both papers tomorrow; local papers and printed articles are our best chance for publication! Meanwhile, here are some other papers’ writeups, which may or may not be in print editions:

Scientists sound the alarm in climate change report, Nov. 2


Effects of climate change ‘irreversible,’ U.N. panel warns in report, Nov. 2

-The scientific community is united, yet with time running out, our elected officials waste time trying to cast doubt on their clear findings
-The IPCC is barred from advocating policy, but citizens can and must do so; write, call, and meet with your Senators and Congressperson about a revenue-neutral carbon tax!
-Carbon tax will work quickly, incentivizing efficiency and clean power investments, boosting economy in the process

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