Oodles of opportunities… let’s meet our annual LTE goal!

Hey, letter writers! We have a long way to go to hit our LTE goal for the year in just three short months! Here are plenty to get you started. Remember, the more people who write in, the better chance that one letter will make it into print.

NY Times is always a reach and these are approaching too old to write in, so if either of those two interest you, write today!

New York Times

Print title: Progress Seen on Warming, with a Caveat, 9/28


-Carbon pricing most efficient mechanism to reduce emissions quickly

-U.S. market powerful enough that carbon fee and dividend with border adjustment would incentivize other nations to price carbon


Print title: Majority of Conservative Republicans Believe Climate Change is a Real Threat, 9/29


-Highlight recent Gibson resolution, encourage other Congressional Republicans to show similar backbone and join the conversation about solutions


Print title: Let’s keep hard-learned lessons of Sandy in mind, 10/2


-All storms form within, and are impacted by, the increased heat energy in warming global climate system

-It’s not enough to prepare for each individual storm; we must address climate change and associated sea level rise, or face increasingly dangerous events

-“Cone of uncertainty” applies to climate predictions, too, and we should consider it cheap insurance to prevent the worst-case scenarios

Long Island Business News


-The boom in installations means clean power could soon replace outdated fossil-fueled power plants, bringing cleaner air, fewer health costs, free “fuel” that lowers power costs, and reduced emissions and climate damage

Suffolk Times

The North Fork’s busy harvest season has taken on a life of its own, 10/1


-North Fork economy depends on wet summers and dry Octobers. Climate change experts expect Long Island’s climate to shift toward hotter, drier summers and wetter falls and winters, disastrous for major crops inc. tourist-drawing pumpkins and apples


Drawing Plum Island ‘battle plan’, 10/1


-Long Island pols, including Congressman Zeldin, show bipartisan support for common-sense conservation; should be a model for bipartisan discussion of climate solutions in U.S. Congress

-Gibson and 10 other Republicans have opened the door for this conversation

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