Letter to the Editor opportunity! Suffolk Times: “People are to blame, not bluefish”

http://tablet.olivesoftware.com/Olive/Tablet/SuffolkTimes/Default.aspx (behind a paywall)

Explains that human-generated nitrogen pollution and climate change are causes of fish die-off and that it’s time to demand action from local officials.

“And for our elected officials in Riverhead: Rising sea level, warmer water temperatures, stronger storms, greater flooding and increased shoreline erosion–all stemming from climate change–are not theory, but fact. We can’t blame the bluefish for that, either.”

Talking points:
-We need national action; demand leadership from our Rep in Congress
-That action should be a CF&D
-Congress is acting much like the Mayor in “Jaws” (referenced in the op-ed), assuming the problem must be ignored to preserve the economy, when actually the problem destroys the tourism industry he is trying to protect!


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