LTE opportunities to round out 2014

Hope everyone’s having a great holiday season! There’s still time to get in another letter to the editor or two before we close out our stats for 2014…
LTE opportunity in Newsday:
Print title: Boosting Solar Power Vital for NYS, Dec 27

-Subsidies that have promoted solar have worked, but at taxpayer expense; shouldn’t fossil fuel industry foot the bill?
-Carbon fee and dividend could be used to support renewables specifically, but even with a simple dividend, the playing field is leveled for solar and wind while stimulating the economy
-Nationwide policy would encourage other states to follow NY’s lead, and a border adjustment would make global participation likely
Out-of-town extra credit in the LA Times (this one is a gimme!)

-We already pay “carbon taxes” in the damage to our health, property, and economy
-Fossil fuel companies should pay for the damage they cause
-Return the money to citizens to stimulate the economy and give people more choice about their energy sources

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