LTE Opportunities!

Please move quickly on the first one, a front page story in Newsday, since it’s already a few days old:

Newsday, 12/3:
Print title: 5 Plants Pulled

Possible talking points:
-Yes, market-based solutions are exactly what we need, both on the local and national scale
-LIPA plans to save ratepayers money by avoiding construction of fossil plants while shortlisting renewable projects like the offshore wind proposal; likely to work, since wind and solar are not impacted by volatile fuel prices
-LIPA is acting in best interest of customers not only in terms of rates but in helping to alleviate climate damage costs
-Carbon fee and dividend would make it more cost-effective both to avoid building new fossil fuel infrastructure, and to replace old fossil plants with clean power
Newsday, 12/6:
Print title: State Ends Solar Loan Program

-Success of this program shows demand for residential solar
-New income cutoff will prevent many middle-income Long Islanders from participating
-Carbon fee and dividend would make solar a more competitive and affordable option, by increasing families’ real income through rebates
NY Times, 12/6:

-We may not need a “hard” or even a “soft” agreement. U.S. legislation that includes a border adjustment could lead to global participation in carbon pricing without an official treaty.
-Upstream market solution applies to entire economy; more efficient than Obama’s proposed regulations, could allow for more ambitious commitment in Paris next year

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