Two BIG LTE opportunities in NY Times and Newsday!

NY Times story on IPCC Synthesis Report is in print today:

Time is running out… we need an efficient, nonpartisan solution U.S. politicians can get behind and that will (through the border adjustment) obligate the world to follow!

Newsday has a print article titled UN Climate Report Warning (buried on p. A41 and apparently not available online).

-States “Emissions may need to drop to zero this century” but many scientists believe we have significantly less time than that
-Cites polls showing the American public has not reached the consensus that scientists have… this is meaningless, as believing or disbelieving a fact doesn’t make it more or less true
-Mentions “the tools are there” to change our energy system. The tools are also there to make it happen economically… you guessed it, a revenue-neutral carbon tax!

Happy writing, everyone! Remember, try to write two letters this week.

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