NY Times offers tons of LTE opportunities this week

So much LTE material to choose from in the New York Times! First, try responding to one of the pieces below. Then, for extra credit, explore today’s Science Times for a variety of angles. (We’d prefer the broad readership of the Opinion section, so maybe wait a day or two to respond to Science Times!) All titles and dates are for in-print edition unless otherwise noted.

Taking a Call for Climate Change to the Streets, 9/22
http://nyti.ms/ZbXb30 (front page of print edition, same title)

-Try a “this is only the beginning” message. For inspiration, see Mark Reynolds’ fantastic op-ed: http://huff.to/1qpQXlm
-Suggest that such a large expression of public sentiment from such diverse political perspectives and parts of the country might help give political cover to those in Congress that fear the political consequences of action

Opinion: Climate Realities, 9/21

-CCL is in the process of creating the very political opening we need;
-On a net basis, even unilateral domestic climate action will not be costly at all, and the REMI study proves it (MIT has another study, accounting for savings from benefits to health of less air pollution).

Global Warming Concerns Grow, 9/23

-Good news for Republicans who are worried about the economy and not climate change: they don’t have to believe in climate change to like the numbers in the REMI report!
-We don’t have to choose between climate action and a healthy, growing economy

Bottom-Up Climate Fix, 9/21 online (may or may not have appeared in print 9/22)

This one has already had one excellent letter in response, but it might be worth pointing out these points that were missed.

-British Columbia’s program is actually a carbon tax, one getting real emissions reduction results as the province’s economy grows.
-A nationwide carbon tax would be far more efficient and effective than the “bottom-up” strategy touted by the author, while also encouraging the local action and innovation he describes.

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