Three great LTE Opportunities! Washington Post and two local stories

WaPo isn’t local, of course, but it would be a big “get” for us!

Washington Post:

Writes itself… we already have a strategy better than the EPA approach! You know what to do here.

Suffolk Times:

-spills cause some irreversible damage, as do carbon emissions; the sooner we switch to clean sources, the sooner we stop ratcheting up the climate danger
-“All of the above”? Instead, let fuels compete on a playing field leveled by the revenue-neutral carbon tax

Times Beacon Record:

-Runoff will be an increasing problem with heavier rainfall more common due to climate change
-Solutions inspired by nature are a great idea
-Solar and wind power are clean power options that both work in harmony with nature and could help us avoid the warming that contributes to sea level rise and storm runoff

Thanks for writing, everybody!

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