LTE opportunity DUE THIS MORNING! Please see reLI/eeCAN’s call to action below.

CCL angle might be that a carbon fee could help towns stand up to regional utilities by making clean power more attractive.

Please write! Also, if you live in the area, please attend the PSEG community meeting next week (see below).


PSEG-LI wants to build polluting fossil fuel power plants in East Hampton.

reLI & eeCAN’s Letter Writing Campaign
On Tuesday, August 26, at 5:00 pm, PSEG-Long Island is hosting a public hearing in the East Hampton Village Emergency Services Building (1 Cedar St., East Hampton, NY, 11937) to discuss its “long range plan” for our town. Part of their plan is to install several polluting, oil-burning power plants in the East Hampton Township. East Hampton does not need these power plants. There are alternative proposals to provide the same power need through renewable energy and battery storage technology. We need letters-to-the-editor to raise awareness about this issue so that the public is informed and will show up to tell PSEG that we deserve a real utility of the future—one that is serious about renewable energyusage and climate change mitigation.


Please write a brief letter (approximately 150 words) to the editor of the local paper of your choice: EH Star, EH Independent, EH Press or Sag Harbor Express and submit it by the morning of Monday, August 18 so it will appear in next week’s paper and catch the eye of as many concerned residents as possible.


The Town of East Hampton aims to meet 100% of its electricity needs with renewable energy sources by 2020, and all its energy needs by 2030.

Make it personal – tell why you think it’s a great step forward for East Hampton and the world

It will keep money in the local economy

It will become a source of community pride—it puts East Hampton on the map as something more than an attraction for the rich and famous

Alternative: A developer has proposed battery storage facilities which could provide peak electricity needs without using fossil fuels.

Alternative: proposals for large-scale solar arrays and an offshore wind park

PSEG-Long Island claims that it is the utility of the future, so why is it trying to pull us back into the fossil fuel past? Your letter can show the clash between East Hampton’s 100% renewable energy vision and PSEG Long Island’s polluting, fossil fuel vision.

Please remember to call the newspaper office after submitting your letter to verify your identity

Copyright © 2014 East End Climate Action Network, All rights reserved.
Thank you for your support!

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