Big LTE Opportunity in Newsday! Also, out-of-town extra credit

Respond to print title and date: “Extreme Push to Stay Ready,” Aug. 14. 

Talking points- choose one or two before pivoting to revenue-neutral carbon tax as a solution. (Try to describe it without calling it by that exact phrase, as they may be wary of it after hearing it from us too often.)
-Yes, we need adaptation, but also mitigation of climate change
-Percentage of rainfall occurring during top 1% of “extreme events” much higher than in the 1950s:
-Climate change likely to cause our region to be substantially wetter in the future
-Several of LI’s main crops are especially vulnerable to wet weather

Submit your letter here:

Some of our regular writers have been published in Newsday recently and can’t submit again for 60 days, so it’s up to everyone else to respond to this one!




LTE extra credit: If you’ve always wanted to get something printed out of town (or if you were recently printed locally and are “blacked out,”) here’s your chance! The LI storm was mentioned around the country, and we actually stand a good chance of being published if we have a compelling personal experience/local perspective to share. Here are a few examples: (This one may be online only.)

Happy writing!

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