Need everybody! LTE opp in NY Post

CCL Long Island has published three LTEs in the past week! Keep ’em coming! Here’s a denier op-ed we need everybody on immediately:

Background on the author:

This is one of those where-do-we-start entries. Talking points:
-Harris does not back up his claims on science or economy
-REMI backs up our claim that RNCT is good for the economy
-The science is both irrefutable and irrelevant; RNCT will create jobs and increase real income

E-mail your letter to

And just for clarification, the IPCC (UN org of scientists who analyze the most up-to-date consensus on climate research) has nothing to do with the similarly-named ICCC or ICSC, with which both Harris and the Heartland Institute are associated. Coincidence? Hmm…

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2 comments on “Need everybody! LTE opp in NY Post
  1. Tom Harris says:

    Why do you believe what DeSmogBlog says about me? Why don’t you ask me how much of what they say is true?

  2. Max Katz says:

    Dear Mr. Harris,

    I would be happy to discuss with you the accuracy of DeSmogBlog’s characterization of your work history or your stated opinion on anthropogenic global warming. Please let us know if you believe there are major inaccuracies in their description of your work.

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