Oodles of LTEs… let’s get writing!!!

LTE Opportunities! We’re a little behind on our letter goal for the year. Luckily, there were so many choices this weekend, we just couldn’t choose. Could all our writers aim for two letters in the next couple of days, while these are stillfresh?

Start with the NY papers, but it can’t hurt to try one of the out-of-state places. Your letters could boost our chapter’s August numbers OR give an assist to CCLers trying to get into print in that state!

NY Times 7/30: Religious conservatives embrace pollution fight

-Shows climate change is a non-partisan approach, requires a non-partisan solution like CCL’s proposal
-Opportunity to personalize with any insight you may have gained from your own faith tradition on this issue

Newsday 8/1: PSEG to roll out energy improvements loan
-Great that PSEG is helping homeowners overcome main obstacle to a high-returning investment by financing up-front costs
-As a nation, we must invest in new clean energy infrastructure; pricing fossil fuels appropriately would make financial benefits of these investment more obvious

New York Times 8/3: Shattering myths to help the climate

-Author (an economist) calls for revenue-neutral carbon tax. Yay!
-Suggest rebates rather than income tax cuts to be sure that retirees and low-income families are protected
-Back him up with REMI data

And just for fun, out-of-town opportunities: 
Boston Globe editorial 8/2: Energy bill’s failure sets back state’s fight on climate change

-Bill failed due to concerns that it was not perfect and would have encouraged power sources with ecosystem impacts (like hydro)
-All human activities have ecosystem impacts; must weigh against ecosystem damage due to human-caused climate change
-A carbon tax could be used along with or instead of this regulation, and would likely be more efficient in changing Massachusetts’ energy mix quickly

The Oregonian op-ed 8/1: What you can do to cut your carbon footprint: Guest opinion

-All great things to do, but with limited impact.
-To really make a difference, contact your representatives about a revenue-neutral carbon tax and get involved with CCL.
-If we get a carbon tax, EVERYONE will be saving money by taking these carbon-reducing measures.

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