LTE Opp in Newsday

According to Newsday today (online), PSEG says Caithness II is unnecessary. Let’s push LIPA to continue to expand renewables and get our national reps’ attention at the same time. Check tomorrow’s paper and respond to the headline of the print version, if possible.

Talking points:

-LIPA trustee Matthew Cordaro hopes for “additional commitments to energy efficiency and renewables.” These make even more economic sense with a revenue-neutral carbon tax (RNCT) to account for costs of fossil fuel pollution.

-Even a very efficient new fossil plant would have meant more price volatility (solar and wind have none!) and locked us into two more decades of fossil fuel use.

-Thank Assemblyman Steve Englebright for opposing “dinosaur” infrastructure and ask our Congressional representatives (mention them by name!!!) to do the same on the national level by supporting a RNCT.


Additional background:

Englebright quoted in Newsday July 10: “The proposal [for Caithness II] before you, if approved, would advance the construction of what appears likely to be the last large fossil-fuel dinosaur built in New York State.”

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