Engaging the Community

On Saturday, CCL Long Island was invited to speak to the Sisters of St. Joseph congregation about climate change solutions. We had about 40 Sisters in attendance and one of our local volunteers who is a Climate Reality presenter (Jeanne Brunson) did a 25 minute presentation on the science and urgency of climate change. I followed that up with a presentation on CCL, our proposal (a revenue-neutral carbon tax, RNCT), and our methods, with a special focus on writing effective letters to Members of Congress (MoCs).

After our presentations we helped the audience craft personalized handwritten letters to their MoCs. We had three other CCL volunteers present to help answer questions about a RNCT and any specifics on how to write an effective letter.

In all, we collected 35 handwritten letters, 21 of which are addressed to Congressman King!

Thank you to Sisters Rosalie, Mary Lou, and Heather for hosting us and for such a great opportunity to spread the word about CCL and a very promising solution to such a challenging problem.





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