Here you go, our first post-conference letter to the editor opportunity! Thanks to Ashley for this find and for the writing tips!

150-200 words
Email LTEs as body text of your email (no attachments) to:,  include your full name, address and phone number. (This information will be used for verification purposes only). 

Some possible considerations:

  • the Editorial is about the Risky Business report – it says it stayed clear of offering a solution – we have one to offer!
  • work in the REMI report
  • say you were just in DC at the CCL conference and describe your experience (maybe GOP is more receptive to this than the public thinks?)
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One comment on “LTE Opp
  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks, Jeanne! I just submitted my LTE to them. Text below.
    – – –
    To the editor:

    Thank you for your editorial on the bipartisan “Risky Business” global warming report.

    On June 24, I was on Capitol Hill along with 600 other citizen-lobbyists from across the political spectrum. We visited the offices of nearly every member of Congress, in many cases meeting face-to-face with them, to discuss a “Carbon Fee & Dividend.”

    Such a plan would put a fee on carbon-based fuels, and refund the revenue directly back to U.S. households.

    The good news? The tide is turning. Both conservatives and liberals are showing interest in the plan.

    We told them there’s a growing list of conservative politicians and economists (like George Schultz, Bob Inglis, Greg Mankiw, and Henry Paulson) who endorse it.

    We told them that putting a price on carbon is an effective way to incorporate the true cost of emissions, allowing for a market-based solution—”may the best fuel win.”

    We told them that according to a study released last month by the nonpartisan REMI (Regional Economic Modeling, Inc.), refunding 100% of the carbon fees to U.S. households will create jobs, grow the economy, save lives, and make Americans richer.

    If GOP leaders dislike regulatory solutions, they should champion a revenue-neutral carbon fee & dividend. It’s a win-win solution.

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