LTE Opportunity Not-Quite-Weekly Roundup 3/6

I do plan to get these posts on an at-least-weekly basis soon. Feel free to share in the comments any opportunities you discover throughout the week!


Washington Post/Associated Press, 3/6

A carbon tax would be more effective than the EPA rules, create jobs in low-carbon energy industries, and give conservatives the smaller government they’ve always wanted.


Newsday/Associated Press, 3/6

As the planet heats up, droughts will become more widespread, devastating crops and costing billions. A carbon tax is our best insurance against future climate impacts. (Although CA’s drought may not be directly caused by climate change, it reminds us that extreme weather is expensive.)


Newsday, 3/4

When it comes to energy sources, we shouldn’t be asking the Governor to pick winners. With a carbon tax, we could let the market decide.


Long Island Business News/Associated Press, 3/3

Energy costs boosted Jan. consumer spending

It’s clear that weather has a direct effect on the economy, and weather will become increasingly volatile due to climate change.


Newsday, 3/1

Adaptation measures are important, but mitigation right now is the only way to protect from climate impacts in the long run.


Newsday, 2/28

Long Island is facing real economic challenges ahead. A carbon tax could steer the economy in the right direction while providing financial relief for struggling Long Island families.

On the need to engage in democracy, Goldmark asks: “Suppose none of us ever talk things over with the people with whom we disagree?” CCL is committed to bipartisan dialog and grassroots action for a carbon tax.


NY Times, 2/27

A carbon tax would render the pipeline debate moot. The market would select the best sources of energy based on both their benefits and costs to society.

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