LTE Opportunity Weekly Roundup 2/18

Letter to the Editor Opportunities: Weekly Roundup

Here you are: this week’s LTE inspiration! As always, for all letters, consider mentioning:

-The “carbon taxes” we already pay or will pay soon (storm damage, health costs, etc.)

-Revenue-neutral solution addresses conservative values: small government, lower taxes, free market, protecting people and property


NY Times 2/18

-Climate change is a winning election issue

-Health impacts inordinately affect minorities Republicans hope to court in next election

-Climate change can and should be a bipartisan issue and has a bipartisan solution… the revenue-neutral carbon tax!


Newsday 2/18 (Associated Press):

-This amplifying feedback [albedo] effect is just another sign we don’t have time to debate whether climate change is happening; let’s move on to solving it (with a carbon tax, of course!)


Newsday 2/16 (Associated Press):

-Waste of time to continue arguing with deniers when the science is settled; move on to solution (carbon tax)

-Border adjustments could encourage other nations to follow suit with a price on carbon


Suffolk Times 2/18

Important to restore and prepare Long Island for future climate change-fueled storms; we must at the same time work to mitigate climate damage from carbon pollution.


Suffolk Times 2/17

In recognition of the ongoing and increasing threat climate disruptions pose to Long Islanders’ homes and livelihoods, the candidate who wins the 1st district should support a carbon tax; any candidate would be wise to make it a central campaign issue. NOTE: Useful to mention candidates, especially current Representative Tim Bishop, by name.


Newsday, 2/11

-Substantial taxation of cigarettes already has successfully reduced smoking. The same strategy could help us quit fossil fuels. See for a great example of this argument.

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